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Kings Game 2011

OK. This year we will probably go to a hockey game. This year we will probably go see the Kings v Phoenix on 20 January 2011. It is a Thursday which stinks because it is a school night, but is good because we can save a ZAMBONILOAD of money because it is an education discount sort of night. If you want to go, sign up in the Clubhouse asap. OK? (Sorry, Ducks fans, no Ducks games on the discount nights.)

Star Parties Update for 2010/2011

Location: Cole Canyon Elementary (map HERE)
TIme: TBA, Wednesday, 16 February
THINGS TO BRING: Yourself, properly dressed, and good attitude. Remember we are there to serve them!

End of the Year, Beginning of Next

Good year, this year was. Lots of new people, lot of activities, lot of muffins sold.
We are going to have to fine-tune stuff for next year as far as selling is concerned and people who want to take lead roles in the club. And I’ll be needing people to make CostCo trips.
And next year is Hawaii. As in, we have to start planning yesterday.
If you are interested in being a part of the leadership for the club, let me know right away. We will have a meeting at teh end of summer to plan it all out and fling around some ideas.

Palomar Tour 2010

If you are planning on going on Saturday, know this. The dome will be stinking cold. It always is. Bring a big, fat coat to wear inside. We will tour the whole building, up, down and sideways. And as far as lunch is concerned, the club will pay for clubsters. If you are not in the club or an alumnus of the club, you will have to pay for your lunch. But the rest of the day is a freebie.
We leave at 8 AM. So be there before. Make sure that if I do not have your parent permission slip, you bring one along. They can be downloaded here.

New Shirt

In celebrating the 400 years since Galileo tweaked the telescope and then aimed it to the skies, we give you the 2009-2010 FirstLight Astro shirt. Designed by our own Uncle Bob, it is a mix of recognition of Galileo as the astronomer that took astronomy into a legitimate observational science and a bit of political satire. Some of you may notice the striking similarity to an election year iconic piece of art involving Mr Obama and the word HOPE (google it). For a bigger picture of it, click here. Thanks Uncle Bob for your clever insight - again. :) :) :)

Hawaii 2011

It looks like we are probably going again to Hawaii during next year’s spring break. They gave us two weeks which is what we need. Keep an eye here for details as they come...
If we go it will probably be 10 days, probably 28 March to 6 April, and probably include all the stuff we have done before except the Imaloa Astronomy Place which has disappointed - twice (a LOT of money for not too much stuff). And we will probably add on a visit to the chocolate factory and definitely The Hilo Coffee Mill. Mmmhmm... Mahalo.

Linfield Star Party

Good party! What we thought may be a let down of a night turned out to be pretty good! Only Mars was out and not too pretty. And Saturn came out towards the end, flattened out rings and all. But it was a good time for the newbies to get to know the way we do things. And Mr Croulet was there. And Aunty Em, and... sorry.
Pix are up. Look under Star Parties of New. ;)
Next party = Rancho Elementary at about 7, next Tuesday. BE THERE!!!

March Star Parties

Alrighty. It looks like we have two quick mini-parties coming up:
FRIDAY 12 MARCH - Linfield is having a math/sci night. We are an added attraction. [directions]
TUESDAY 16 MARCH - Rancho Elementary is having a similar night there. Again, we are an added attraction. [directions]
This might be a good time to come out and learn how to use the scopes for next year’s star parties. Really

First Attempt & Star Party

Hey kids. This will be where we keep updates and occasional rants. Here’s the first.
Last night’s star party at Cole Canyon Elementary in Murrieta was... packed. We had miserably bad seeing but there was the trusty moon. So the three of us (Chris Guerena, the always trusty Mr Croulet and I) served up said Moon for well over 100 people. For an hour we had lines that never took a break. It was frightening.
This was only the second SP we had this school year, the first being last fall for a cub scout troupe.
Anyways! Good time. Bad seeing, but good times.
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