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Here are the pdf files for the Keynote presentations from class, marked pdf.

1 Introduction to Forensic Science and the Law pdf
2 Types of Evidence pdf
3 The Crime Scene pdf
4 Fingerprints pdf
5 Hair pdf
6 Fibers
7 Drugs
8 Toxicology: Poisons and Alcohol pdf

9 Trace Evidence pdf
10 Soil and Glass Analysis pdf
11 Blood pdf
12 DNA Analysis pdf
13 Forensic Entomology
14 Human Remains
15 Firearms, Toolmarks, and Impressions
Arson and Explosives pdf
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The following downloads are there to help ensure that you will turn in the best labs the world has ever seen. The first is like a checklist for every lab. After that they are for individual labs. Now there is no excuse for you to get anything less than an A. ;)

Lab Checklist

Crime Scene Lab
Lab Activity 4.1 Observing and Taking Fingerprints
Lab Activity 4.2 Developing Latent Fingerprints
Lab Activity 5.1 Observation of Hair
Activity 6.1 Collection and Observation
Lab Activity 6.5 Burn Tests
Lab Activity 6.6 Thermal Decomposition
Lab Activity 6.7 Chemical Tests
Lab Activity 7.1 Spot Test Lab
Lab Activity 9.3 Analysis of White Powders
Lab Activity 9.4 The Case of the Purloined Pennies
Lab Activity 10.1 Collecting and Observing Soil
Lab Activity 10.4 Observation of Different Types of Glass
Lab Activity 10.8 Analysis of Glass Fracture Patterns
Lab Activity 11.4 Blood Pattern Analysis
Lab Activity 12.1 Extracting DNA from a Banana
Lab Activity 13.2 The Potato Corpse
Activity 14.2 Estimating Height
Lab Activity 15.1 Characterizations of Bullets and Cartridge Casing
Lab Activity 15.6 Casting Shoeprints
Lab Activity 15.8 Comparing Bite Marks
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